With New Opportunity, Volunteers Help Distribute More Fresh Produce

January 7, 2015 By: Marie Pauley Category: Volunteer

A new opportunity for volunteers to get their hands dirty and get healthier foods into the emergency food system is in full swing at our West facility in Golden Valley. Since December, volunteers have been filling shifts in the new Produce Bagging Center, an innovation of the Produce Capture Institute at Second Harvest Heartland.

Produce Bagging Center VolunteersThe USDA estimates that in Minnesota alone, more than 350 million pounds of produce goes unharvested or unsold each year. At Second Harvest Heartland, we’re working to discover not just how to rescue this produce, but also how to safely and efficiently move the food to our agency partners in Minnesota, western Wisconsin and partner food banks across the country.

Second Harvest Heartland has committed to going after those pounds and we can’t do it alone. Through the support of volunteers working in the Produce Bagging Center, the goal is to add an additional 2.5 million pounds of fresh produce to the emergency food system in the next year.

Here’s what some of our recent Produce Bagging Center volunteers had to say about their experience with this new opportunity:

"I felt a bit special being part of a pilot program and felt that my time and opinion really mattered.”
“It’s a good feeling that my work in not only helping/nourishing my neighbors, but also helps out community by saving viable food. It also honors all the work and resources of the farmers that produced the food.”
“It was fun to be part of a new opportunity and hope that Second Harvest Heartland can continue this program.”

Join us in making this pilot a success and get more fresh food to our hungry neighbors in need by signing up for a Produce Bagging shift today at 2harvest.org/volunteer.


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