United In Hunger Relief

United In Hunger Relief

To our Minnesota community,

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has challenged all of us in unprecedented ways, leaving most of us unsettled and fearful about what the future may hold. To all those in our community who are worried about food scarcity in your household during this pandemic, we are here for you as your Minnesota hunger-relief organizations. We want to say clearly that you are not alone.

Our organizations—food banks, food shelves, meal programs, and other nonprofits—are accelerating our efforts to fill every cupboard. We are resolute, certain in the knowledge that access to food is the lynchpin of any crisis response, especially one in which we’ve asked people to stay home, minimize interaction and take especially good care of themselves.

In response to calls for help that doubled last week and are on track to triple this week, we have provided millions of meals since the crisis began. We are prepared to deliver millions more in the days and weeks to come.

The increase in need has many causes. Restaurants, businesses, and schools are shuttered, and pandemic-related layoffs have surged. Prior to the pandemic, 1 in 11 Minnesota households struggled to put enough food on their tables. In the current environment, that number has undoubtedly increased dramatically.

Our message to the community is simple; we have food available, and more is on the way. We are united and working round the clock to serve our community. We are coordinating our efforts with one another and with Governor Walz’s office.

If you are in need of food support, please visit this page. If you have children, contact the school district in which you live to find out what nutrition resources are available during this time. Most school districts will not require enrollment of your child in the district in order to receive assistance; help is available to all children who reside within a district’s boundaries.

Minnesota’s greatest asset is our ability to work together to solve our community’s problems. We are here for you, and we will get through this pandemic together.


Your Minnesota Hunger-Relief Organizations