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Help Make 2023 Hunger-Free with Monthly Giving

“We support Second Harvest [Heartland] because it is focused, local and efficient in fighting hunger.” – Greg and Sam, monthly givers

This New Year, Resolve to Make 2023 Hunger-Free

As we look back on 2022, we’re amazed by how the community stepped up to fight hunger. Together, we distributed over 113 million meals to local kids, families and seniors who needed them most. That’s an incredible impact.

But the hard truth is, hunger is still here in the heartland. 813,000 people in our region reached out for food assistance in 2021, and the need is just as critical in this new year.

That’s why donors like Greg and Sam joined Second Harvest Heartland’s mission to end hunger together. As monthly givers, their sustaining support helps provide food stability for families who need it today and throughout the year, since unexpected circumstances or financial hardship can increase the need for food assistance at any time.

“Despite our nation’s prosperity, hunger remains a huge problem for many people. Adequate food is a fundamental need for health and happiness. We support Second Harvest because it is focused, local and efficient in fighting hunger.” – Greg and Sam, monthly givers

As one of the most efficient ways to fight hunger, automatic monthly gifts help provide a reliable stream of support year-round. This allows our hunger-relief programs to remain strong—and ensures families stay fed—no matter the circumstances or time of year.

New Gifts Matched for the First 3 Months

By becoming a monthly giver to Second Harvest Heartland, you can help local families access healthy food—and peace of mind—today, and in the months ahead.

And during the month of January, your support can go even further. Sign up for Monthly Giving by January 31 and your gift can DOUBLE for the first 3 months, thanks to matching funds from Bank of America, up to a total of $25,000.

With the match, a generous monthly gift of $30 can provide 1,350 meals per year. And a monthly gift of $50 doubles to $100 for the first 3 months to help provide 2,250 meals a year!

Your gift today will help us reach our goal of 250 new monthly givers in the month of January and get closer to a hunger-free 2023.

Give Now

No matter the size, every gift makes a difference and helps provide meals for neighbors when they need it most. Thank you for your commitment to our mission to end hunger together. You can learn more about Second Harvest Heartland’s monthly giving program here.