Why Donors Choose Second Harvest Heartland

December 9, 2014 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

We know that we couldn’t do what we do without the generous support of our donors. But why do donors choose Second Harvest Heartland? Below are testimonials from just a few of our donors—describing why they give, and what hunger means to them.

“I decided a few years ago that my bigger donations should go to organizations that do a sort of double duty. Second Harvest Heartland fulfills that splendidly by both supplying food to people who need it and by managing to retrieve some of the huge food waste we have in the country.”

“As a child who grew up underprivileged and making use of facilities like you I try to make sure that I can make some small donation every year to food shelves. Food should be a right in the country, not a privilege as it is overlooked by too many who have it.”

“I have been a teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools for many years and it breaks my heart to see how the number of students in need of basic nutrition increases every year. I wish people would understand that poverty and nutrition have great bearing on a student's ability to learn.”

“I want to support the work of Second Harvest Heartland for several reasons. I believe that adequate nutrition is a critical element of life and would like to do what I can to reduce food insecurity. Further, it is my impression that Second Harvest Heartland uses resources effectively and I particularly appreciate the efforts to provide as much fresh produce as possible. Finally, I am particularly concerned about children who rely on school meals during the summer when school is not in session.”

There are many ways to get involved in the fight to end hunger. Visit 2harvest.org to find ways to help our hungry neighbors.


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