Who Eats First? The Trials of Hungry Families

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April 25, 2017 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

Being hungry is a struggle. When raising a family, it’s a nearly unbearable burden. Recently we heard from parents at our Food + You program partner schools about what it’s like to be hungry while being a parent.

For some, they remember when they themselves were children.

“When we were young growing up…we worried a lot about our next meal.”

And they forego meals to ensure their kids are fed, especially when things are tight at the end of the month.

“Even if I don't eat, my kids can.”

But with help from Second Harvest Heartland and Food + You partner schools, parents can provide for their children, not just by filling stomachs, but by nourishing their families.

“My children are not worried like me when I was growing up. When I saw my parents worry, I worried.”

“Having enough food keeps the emotions down in our house. Before, the kids worried what I would eat...now they don't have to worry. We all have enough.”

The Food + You Program and other programs in our Child Hunger Initiative provide much needed meals to many families in our area that struggle with hunger. Even with the progress we’ve made, one in six kids in our region is still hungry. No parent or child should have to endure the stress of wondering when they will eat next.

Your support provides meals to local kids so they can worry less, and focus their energy on learning, playing and growing.


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