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June 27, 2017 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

Yolawnda became a mother at a very young age. She spent much of her early adult life being told that she wouldn’t amount to anything. Her first priority then, and her first priority today, is her children.

“There are times I will go without eating to ensure my kids have enough to eat,” Yolawnda said. “That’s what a mom does.”

Yolawnda was driven to be a good provider for her family. She joined the military, becoming a diesel mechanic. The military helped put her and her family on a path to stability. Once a homeless mother, Yolawnda now owns a home but was still struggling to make ends meet financially.

This unfortunately meant that sometimes a family meal came from a box. As a mother it was difficult for Yolawnda to know she wasn’t always able to provide the best nutrition for her kids. But since she started getting produce through Second Harvest Heartland, things have changed.

“To me food is love, and honestly without programs that bring fresh fruits and vegetables, I don’t think my kids would be getting half the nutrition they should be,” said Yolawnda.

“I can cook without having to worry about cooking everything from a box.”

Yolawnda knows that her kids used to worry about food, but with the help of Second Harvest Heartland and our agency partners, she knows that they’ll likely never have to worry about hunger again.

You can help get fresh produce to local children and families this summer by making a donation today at 2harvest.org/donate.


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