Volunteer Spotlight of the Month: Dennie Scott and Jane Hilger

October 27, 2014 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

Dennie Scott and Jane Hilger have been helping fight hunger for more than 10 years. Dennie started her journey at Second Harvest Heartland when she became a part of the Volunteer Services team. Since her retirement in 2010, she has continued to volunteer her time with Second Harvest Heartland, both as a 2014 Hunger Study volunteer and as a Hunger 101 facilitator.

Similar to Dennie, Jane has volunteered as a Hunger 101 facilitator and at different events, including our annual gala, Dish: Cuisine for Change.

Facilitating the Hunger 101 simulation brought Dennie and Jane together because of their mutual passion for volunteering and educating others about what can be done to help fight hunger in Minnesota. The Hunger 101 simulation does just that – by role play simulation in which participants are asked to take on the life circumstance of someone in Minnesota who’s as risk of hunger.

During the simulation, each participate must try to get enough food to feed his or her family for one day by tapping the resources of the grocery store, food shelf, county human services office and the bank. The experience gives participants a feel for the struggles someone can confront when trying to feed a family with limited time, resources and support. The simulation provides the starting point for a comprehensive discussion about hunger and supports a call to action.

“Its eye opening, at the end of the simulation you get to hear the participants’ thoughts, what they learned, and their experience during the simulation. I always learn new information, and hearing what others have to say brings further awareness about hunger,” said Dennie.

Jane, a retired teacher, led the simulation for her students, saying “it was important to me that my students participated in the simulation. I had the simulation right in my classroom and my students seemed to really enjoy it.”

Dennie and Jane both thoroughly enjoy facilitating the simulation and continue to volunteer with Second Harvest Heartland, always looking for new ways to become involved.

You can volunteer, too! For ways to get involved, visit 2harvest.org/volunteer.


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