Volunteer Spotlight of the Month: Ron Woldengen


November 2, 2015 By: Meghan Meints Category: Volunteer Tags: volunteering, volunteer spotlight

Whether it’s getting up early to move milk jugs around the local creamery as a kid or getting up early to pack boxes at Second Harvest Heartland as a retiree, Ron Woldengen has spent much of his life getting up to help others.

Ron first heard of Second Harvest Heartland when he worked for FedEx. After retiring and getting a chance to travel, he decided that he wanted to spend his time giving back.

“I’ve never had any problem not having a meal. I grew up on a small farm and always had food on the table,” he says, adding that it’s important to him that people have enough to eat.

Ron says that volunteering not only helps others, but him as well. Volunteering keeps him active and in shape; much of the work he does for Second Harvest Heartland involves heavy lifting.

Still, it’s the desire to help others that gets Ron up every morning.

“It’s something we’re supposed to do,” said Ron. “Doing this, volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland, we’re enhancing lives. Either way we’re making lives better.”


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