Volunteer Spotlight: Angela

Angela Fromm

May 19, 2016 By: Meghan Meints Category: Volunteer

In an effort to find a way to give back without sacrificing time with her children, Angela and her three children started helping out in Second Harvest Heartland’s warehouse repacking bulk foods, like potatoes or popcorn.

For her, volunteering is a worth-while experience as well as a teachable moment; Angela is teaching her children to be fortunate for what they have.

“I think it helps them realize that it’s important to give back, and we are very fortunate to have food,” she said.

Being a part of the Speaker’s Bureau - a program where volunteers educate partners, community members and organizations about the work Second Harvest Heartland does to end hunger – is another way Angela gives back to the community.

Through her volunteer work, she is able to combine her passion for helping people with her skill set of public speaking, creating a rewarding experience.

“It was a perfect mesh, my skill set and my passions. It’s perfect,” Angela said.  

And the fact that Second Harvest Heartland is helping local people – possibly her neighbors – is what keeps her coming back to volunteer time and time again.

“I think foundationally it’s important to make sure people have food, shelter and clothes,” Angela explained. “We can’t expect them to be contributing more to our society or community if they don’t have those basic needs met.”

One of the most impactful volunteer experiences Angela has had happened recently at a local food shelf in Columbia Heights. She was handing out fresh food and got to meet the people who benefit from her volunteered time.

“We were directly handing food to the recipients that need it and it was really nice to see the connections. To see what you’re doing and how it affects people,” Angela said.

Those connections are why she encourages others to volunteer, saying that every person’s help matters.

“It seems like a small job, but actually every single person counts toward that overall, bigger goal.”


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