Volunteer Spotlight: Parish Community of St. Bridget

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April 17, 2015 By: Marie Pauley Category: Volunteer Tags: volunteer appreciation week, volunteering, volunteer spotlight, end hunger

In 2012, Father Anthony and Gerri Hare, a member of the Parish Community of St. Bridget, responded to a call from Second Harvest Heartland to organize a group to volunteer at a nearby food distribution.

The congregation was already actively engaged in their community, organizing neighborhood events and working to meet neighbors’ basic needs so this was a perfect fit.

“Even in our own parish, there are families that need food and housing,” said Gerri Hare, “when you’re blessed in this world - giving back - that’s our call.”

Gerri organized a group of five volunteers to help. They were excited to give back and to support another partner working in their community. The relationship grew into a monthly volunteer commitment, with different members signing up each month to volunteer with Second Harvest Heartland.

Now, nearly three years later, members of the Parish Community of St. Bridget have also stepped up to support Second Harvest Heartland’s new Produce Bagging Center,  sorting potatoes and other produce for redistribution to families in need.

Thank you, Parish Community of St. Bridget, for your years of service and growing support!

Sign up to volunteer with Second Harvest Heartland at 2harvest.org/volunteer.


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