The Face of Hunger: Joseph

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August 20, 2015 By: Sara Blair Category: SHH News Tags: working families, client story, agency partner

Joseph is proud of his accomplishments, and works hard to try to make ends meet. FOH Joseph photo_v2

After graduating from Dunwoody College in 2010, he started his own electric company, all while raising his children. After things fell through with his business partner, he was forced to find other odd-jobs as a trucker, mover and handy man.

Even though he works hard, he still struggles to provide for his family and have enough to eat.

“I’ve done a lot of things to try and prepare myself, but you can’t be prepared for everything,” said Joseph. “Sometimes we’re living paycheck to paycheck. Paying bills comes first and there’s not always money for food. I don’t have cable or anything; just the bare minimum.”

When Joseph is low on food, he visits a Loaves and Fishes meal site in Minneapolis and occasionally his local food shelf.

“People don’t realize how much food costs,” said Joseph. “Loaves and Fishes is great, and is an important resource for people who are less fortunate, especially coming out of the economy that we just did. Not just for people coming out of the urban developments, but the suburbs, too. This is a blessing.”


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