Thank you Minnesota Pork Board for your generous donation!

October 24, 2012 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

The Minnesota Pork Board is helping feed families in need this fall with their donation of 5,000 pounds of ground pork to Second Harvest Heartland yesterday. And what makes their generous donation even more exciting is that it is a direct result of those of you who participated in Minnesota Pork Board “Oink Outings” around the Twin Cities this summer! At the Oink Outings events, consumers who asked Minnesota pig farmers any pig- or pork-related question activated a one-pound ground pork donation to Second Harvest Heartland.

Their donation will provide 20,000 servings of pork to our hungry neighbors, and we couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you Minnesota Pork Board for your generous donation and continued commitment to fighting hunger in our community!


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