Thank You Hudson Baking Company for Five Years of Support

May 8, 2014 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

Sincere thanks to Hudson Baking Company for their five years of generous support. For the past five years, Hudson Baking Company has been consistently donating its delicious snacks to Second Harvest Heartland every month.

“Hudson Baking Company is committed to making great tasting, quality products,” said Kristen Rieser of Hudson Baking Company. “We have wonderful workers who take pride in the products they produce. Our process involves some hands-on TLC, which can cause variation in product size. Since many of our items need to meet weight specifications, we find ourselves with great tasting, high quality products that are slightly underweight or miss-shaped. Hudson Baking Company donates these products to help support Second Harvest’s commitment to the community—turning an economic shortfall into a socio-economic windfall.”

As the need for food assistance continues to increase in our community, Hudson Baking Company’s generous support of food donations is crucial. Sincere thanks for their generosity and support of our hunger relief efforts.


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