Supporting Second Harvest Heartland a Family Affair

June 25, 2014 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

One Twin Cities family has grown its support for Second Harvest Heartland as the organization itself has grown—and both are better for it. Glenn McCabe and Laurel Wright have supported Second Harvest Heartland in various ways since 2006 and have involved their sons, Jack and Ben, over the years.

“Our lot in life is pretty darn good,” says Glenn. “It is important that we use our good fortune to help others.” Glenn, executive vice president at Meridian Land Company, is on the board of Second Harvest Heartland, and a generous financial supporter. “This organization is about more than collecting and distributing food,” he stresses. “It’s very creative—from growing Retail Food Rescue and Share Fresh (capturing of ag surplus), to promoting access to SNAP. Also, its efficient operations have always appealed to us.”

Laurel, a physician, believes strongly that solving hunger with nutritious food is important. “Food is one of our biggest health problems. Second Harvest Heartland is not just about getting more calories to those who need it, but is committed to getting them more fresh and nutritious food, too,” she says. “Food is the most basic need we have; with all the need out there, our connection to Second Harvest Heartland is a good fit.”

Glenn and Laurel know that getting food to people is about more than collecting food themselves and donating it. “When the kids were younger, we asked their friends to bring food as the gift for their birthday parties, to donate to those who are hungry.” Since then, Jack and Ben have volunteered at the Golden Valley site to repack bulk donated food into family-size amounts that go directly to food shelves and other meal programs. In eighth grade, Jack convinced his teammates during his schools’ Business Day to donate all proceeds from their group’s business venture to Second Harvest Heartland. Several hundred dollars went directly to helping those in need. “We also learned that Jack had written a paper in sixth grade about hunger; he clearly felt strongly about this issue,” notes Glenn.

From support of events like Dish and Vintner Ball, to volunteering, to providing board expertise, Glenn and the entire family have provided significant time, talent and resources to living the mission of Second Harvest Heartland. “I am always very proud to invite people to support Second Harvest Heartland,” adds Laurel.

We at Second Harvest Heartland sincerely thank Glenn McCabe and his committed family for their years of helping hungry people in our community!


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