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January 8, 2016 By: Sara Blair Category: SHH News

As we begin the New Year, the staff at Second Harvest Heartland often takes a moment to reflect on the past year. Our team has accomplished so many things this year to help local children, families and seniors get the food they need, so we asked them—what were your favorite moments of 2015? Below are some of their responses.

“Having the opportunity to moderate a panel at our Fall Agency Partner Conference in St. Cloud in September that consisted of three very experienced food shelf managers—one from the inner city, one from the suburbs and one from out-state—sharing their wisdom with a group of their peers. It made me realize how much our partners have to offer one another and how much they can teach us at Second Harvest Heartland, as well." - Lisa, Agency Relations Account Specialist

“In March, we received a planned gift from the estate of a donor. I was able to make contact with the donor’s daughter and invited her in for a tour and visit so she could see what her mom’s generosity is helping accomplish. During the visit, the daughter started crying because she was so happy that her mom’s gift was so appreciated and well-used. It reminded me what a privilege it is to receive a planned gift, and it was extra sweet that we had the chance to show a daughter how her mom’s values of improving our community are living on.” - Anne, Major and Planned Gift Officer

“I was rushing through the lobby to grab a document off the printer to take to a meeting that I was late for when I came across a group of developmentally challenged adults from Midwest Special Services that were dropping off a donation of cash and food. I stopped and listened to them tell their story about how they collected their money. One of the members of their group who had recently passed away had a tradition of asking everyone he came in contact with for $1 to donate to the food shelf. In his honor they did the same thing, and collected over $175 that they donated to us. It was inspiring to hear them talk about how good it made them feel to help out others in need.  Suddenly the document I was getting and being late for my meeting was really not important. These folks were truly inspiring to me and everyone else that joined us in the lobby. I’m so glad I stopped." - Tony, Director of Food Sourcing

“The energy and comradery with our team members, donors and agency partners at all of our great events (staff meetings to fundraising events). What a great team to be a part of while delivering great results for Second Harvest Heartland, our agency partners and most importantly—our clients!" - David, Director of Food Bank Operations

“My highlight of the year was asking Brandi at the Fridley Walmart receiving dock if we could highlight her as one of our “Champions of Hope” for her crucial contributions to our Retail Food Rescue program. When I read our food rescue driver’s nomination message for her, she cried on my shoulder while I held her. Asking Brandi what made this such a personal mission for her, she answered, ‘Because I’ve been there.’” - Jean, Food Rescue Specialist

Thank you to everyone who made this a successful year!

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Submitted by Lynne at: February 2, 2016
Reading these wonderful testimonies and stories of hope literally has tears of joy streaming down my face. I am grateful that your organization exists. Thank you, Second Harvest, supporters, and volunteers, for all that you do for our community. I am emotional, because, like Brandi (from Walmart), I've been there myself. Sometimes, all we need is a little help from our friends. The generosity and giving is so deeply appreciated!

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