Sharon and Cheryl Pick Up the Phone to End Hunger

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October 19, 2016 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

Sharon and Cheryl pull up to Second Harvest Heartland once or twice a week. Each time they are here, they sit down, pull up a list of names and numbers, and start calling complete strangers.

Many of the calls reach people in our community are expecting a gift solicitation, but Sharon and Cheryl aren’t asking for donations—they are thanking people for their commitment to ending hunger.

The purpose of each call is to give a sincere and personal message of thanks—no ifs, ands or buts.

Volunteers Sharon and Cheryl make calls to express the deep gratitude every person affected by Second Harvest Heartland shares. And these ‘callunteers’ are happy to do it!

“You make a difference,” Sharon said of her experience. “That thank you means a lot to somebody.”

“Our Appreciation Stewards, or ‘Callunteers,’ have been extremely valuable to Second Harvest Heartland’s mission of ending hunger in our area in the last year,” said Second Harvest Heartland's Director of Direct Marketing, Connie Schlundt. “We appreciate our donors so much—our work is not possible without them—and this is one way to help let them know it.”

Cheryl finds it easy to connect with generous donors when making her calls. “It’s such a good cause,” Cheryl said. “They often thank ME for volunteering on the phone!”

One of Sharon’s favorite calls she’s made over the last year was actually one that went to voicemail. The eccentric voicemail message said, “The cats are home—they’ll hear you. But the humans are not—they’ll get back to you,” Sharon said, smiling at the memory.

When Sharon isn’t volunteering, you can find her spending time with family, enjoying a round of pickleball or playing a mean game of Texas Hold’Em. When Cheryl isn’t at Second Harvest Heartland, she is often volunteering for one of the many organizations she supports, gardening, golfing or taking road trips with her husband of 47 years, Jim.

Sharon and Cheryl are the Callunteer dream team. “These two ladies have been dependable, worked independently, and have shown the stamina of champions!” Connie said. “And they do this week in and week out, just to help the hungry in our neighborhoods have access to healthy food.” 

Learn more about our non-traditional volunteer opportunities like Callunteering or how to use your skillset to help us end hunger in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.



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