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May 31, 2016 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

Second Harvest Heartland relies on engaged individuals to accomplish our work in many different capacities. Some individuals go above and beyond in their support to truly impact the growth of the organization. George Golden is one of those individuals.

George’s connection to Second Harvest Heartland began because he believes that food is an essential right. In Second Harvest Heartland, he found an organization that was providing a solution through a system that works.

George and his wife Deanna started their involvement with financial donation. According to George, while that’s important, that was the easy way for them.

Recognizing that his skills and talents could also be an asset, George also began donating his time as a volunteer speaker and pro-bono services through leadership consulting, recruiting and development of the Emerging Leaders Program.

When asked about the importance of supporting a cause in such a robust way through the donation of both his time and money, George said, “Life is about identifying the gifts and skills you have and aligning yourself to something that inspires you and makes a change. Everyone can give back in different ways. My goal is to share my experience and inspire others, who have the capacity, to contribute.”

We are grateful for the ongoing support that George and Deanna share with our organization.

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