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July 11, 2016 By: Meghan Meints Category: Partner News

This summer, Sencha Tea Bar is immersing itself in the local community through partnerships and innovative programs. But it wasn’t long ago that this company was known by a couple different names and owned by a different family.

“They had two existing names for the company: they had Steepery Tea Bar as well as The Tea Garden,” Brian, Sencha’s founder, said of the previous owners. He bought the company about a year ago, undergoing a rebranding process that ultimately became Sencha Tea Bar.

Since purchasing the company and rebranding it, Brian has made a point of becoming a part of whatever community his tea bar is located in – noting that there are multiple locations around the Twin Cities.

Sencha Ruby Keys

“I believe that any business, if they’re in a community, needs to be a part of the community, not just put up a store front and open their doors,” he said, adding: “which means not just to give back to the community, but to be a partner for other organizations that are doing greater good in the community.”

To accomplish this, Brian is creating bonds with established community members, including Second Harvest Heartland.

“Second Harvest Heartland is a perfect example of that in our local community. You guys are a national leader in ideas of how to get currently wasted food into the right hands of people,” he said. “I always believed that there are lots of ways to help people from all different walks of life and I wanted to incorporate that into one of our mission statements for Sencha Tea Bar.”

 “I think you guys are trying to strengthen the community; you’re trying to empower people that may be having a bad week, a bad month, maybe a bad couple months, by not having the amount of food that they need,” Brian said.

That’s how Sencha Saves and donations from featured drinks got started. Ruby Keys is the current featured drink. This summer, $1 of every sale of Ruby Keys is going straight to Second Harvest Heartland to provide three meals to neighbors in need.

“The dollars are a great way to show that we’re committed to the cause,” Brian said. “The goal is to every three months keep changing and present new drinks to the market, but also present new partnerships.”

Alternatively, Sencha Saves is starting an initiative where 100 percent of the food from its locations available for donation will be contributed to Second Harvest Heartland and our agency partners.

“We want to make sure that the food gets into the hands of somebody that can use it and needs it,” he said. “We don’t want to be a wasteful organization. We want to take any food that we can and get it into your network.”

Thank you Brian and Sencha Tea Bar for all that you do in our community.

Visit one of Sencha Tea Bars five Twin Cities locations, try some Ruby Keys and help us thank Brian and his team for their generosity!


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