Resolve to Do More for Your Hungry Neighbors

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January 4, 2017 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

“I haven’t been able to afford food. I was hospitalized for hypothermia in my own home.” - Linda

“I can’t get enough quality food for my son without relying on things like hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly for my own diet.” - Katie

“It’s hardest in the winter. Even though my rent is fairly cheap, heat is still $50 - $100 a month. For us that’s the difference between having enough for groceries and not.”  - Delima

“It’s nice to know we can keep the light on. When we get groceries, we’re able to at least keep the lights on. We have a lot of bills…Sometimes the water would get turned off, so having the food is allowing us to pay for basic utilities.” - Ralph

These are just a few of the quotes about the difficult decisions our hungry neighbors have had to make between food and other necessities. For mothers like Katie, sometimes the choice is as simple as choosing cheap, unhealthy foods to afford wholesome food for her son. For seniors like Linda, it’s missing a utility payment and going without heat.

No one should have to make these impossible choices, but as winter settles in the Midwest, our neighbors experience more obstacles to access food with rising utilities costs and less available transportation.

Even though the need is still great, as an organization we also begin to see a decline in volunteer hours and other support the late winter months.

But, you can help. The start of a new year presents a perfect time to adopt a yearlong spirit of giving back.

We invite you to join us and resolve to do more for your hungry neighbors this year by signing up for a volunteer shift or making a donation today – monthly gifts will be TRIPLED for the first 12 months. Your support reduces the number of impossible choices for our neighbors this winter. Thank you.


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