Providing Hunger Relief One Basket at a Time

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June 23, 2016 By: Meghan Meints Category: Partner News

Hillary, founder and owner of her namesake company Hillary’s, lives with the intention to help others. She started her gift-giving company to help client’s give something meaningful and has been a partner with Second Harvest Heartland in providing hunger relief.

After creating reactive baskets to provide support following disasters like 9-11 and the Red River Valley flooding, Hillary decided to try a proactive approach that would allow her clients to be socially responsible.

“Universally, who can’t relate to people who are hungry?” Hillary asked when coming up with the concept for this new basket. 

That’s how the Heartland Hunger Relief Gift Basket was born. By purchasing one of these baskets, you’re helping providing something special: meals to hungry neighbors through Second Harvest Heartland and a gift for a loved one.

“It matters that any one of the suppliers that’s providing food that goes into the baskets understands what I’m doing with it. They’ve provided something special,” Hillary said.

One of those special contributions is what she calls her “secret food weapon”: sea salt caramels. Another regular contribution to the Heartland basket is flax or quinoa chips.

Everything about the Heartland basket is intentional: the food choices, its purpose, even the way it looks.

“For our Second Harvest Heartland baskets, it’s about the modesty of the packaging so that people really feel like the money is invested into the food, or into providing the donation to Second Harvest Heartland,” Hillary said.

Thanks to her partnership with Second Harvest Heartland, Hillary’s company now partners with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital using the same proactive model.

“I personally really believe in giving back and making sure that everybody has enough; that nobody is empty and has nothing,” she said.

Thank you, Hillary, for the ongoing support of Second Harvest Heartland.

To get your Heartland Hunger Relief Gift Basket today and help with hunger relief in your community, visit


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