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January 10, 2017 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

When it comes down to making the choice between paying for meals and other priorities, like utilities or clothing, Patricia must choose food because of her health situation. “I prioritize rent and food,” Patricia said. “After that, other things go by the wayside. But I have to eat.”

For many like Patricia, people’s source of income is a challenge due to unexpected life events or situations out of one’s control. From anything such as a car accident or a loss of a loved one can drastically change a comfortable living situation into one full of difficult, sometimes impossible decisions.

According to a recent study, our hungry neighbors in the heartland face tough choices often. For example, 71 percent of individuals experiencing hunger choose to pay utilities instead of paying for food. About 67 percent of individuals chose medical care instead of food.

For Patricia, it makes a big difference to receive a monthly bag of groceries from one of Second Harvest Heartland’s food shelf partners. It helps alleviate some of those tough choices. “I love the food—it’s healthy food,” Patricia said. “It really supplements my day, with all my intolerances.”

Patricia, no longer struggling as hard to make ends meet, feels grateful for supporters like you. “First of all, thank you. You’re making a difference in my life. I’m trying to make the best choices for my life so that we work together to keep me healthy.”

“Thank you for helping me to stay independent,” Patricia said. “That’s what I’m most grateful for. It’s a big deal—I’m in a wheelchair. It’s a big thing that I can live independently.”

Supporting our neighbors is what you do best. For another way to keep people like Patricia independent and healthy, consider signing up for a volunteer shift or becoming a Monthly Giver.


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