Nutrient-Dense Produce Is Everything for Ricky

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August 2, 2017 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

We met Ricky at a fresh produce distribution in North Minneapolis. Alongside other volunteers, he was arranging strawberries, preparing to help hand over fresh fruits and vegetables to some of his hungry neighbors.

While talking to him, we discovered he experiences hunger himself, an experience he brings to every volunteer shift—something he’s been doing for more than two years. He knows the challenge of affording consistent and healthy meals.

“Food price is sky-high around here,” said Ricky.

A resource like a produce distribution or a food shelf can make an enormous difference in someone’s life—not just to feel full, but to feel nourished. “Peppers and [other produce] are too expensive,” Ricky said. “And we really need it.”

Produce is something all of us need to thrive. But when you have a chronic illness, the dense nutrients from fruits and vegetables are nothing less than essential. Ricky knows this all too well.

“I’m diabetic,” Ricky said. Food resources are becoming more and more important for him to effectively manage his disease. And he’s not alone: 32 percent of our clients have reported having at least one person in the household with diabetes.

There is enough food (and enough produce!) to go around, and produce distributions and food shelves assist Ricky in managing his disease. Ricky paused while telling us his story and told us sincerely: “It really helps me.”

Learn more about our Produce Initiative, or sign up to help out at one of the many produce distributions around the metro—see firsthand the difference you are making as a supporter of Second Harvest Heartland.


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