myTalk 107.1’s Food for Families Drive Comes at Perfect Time

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June 12, 2017 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

For many kids and teens, the weekends and summer months are a time for fun and freedom, but for 40 percent of K-12 students in Minnesota, it means long days and empty stomachs.

myTalk 107.1 is dedicated to helping be a part of hunger’s solution. From June 12-30, myTalk 107.1 is hosting the seventh annual Food for Families, a Food & Fund Drive benefiting Second Harvest Heartland and the individuals we serve.

“There are so many great organizations,” Brook O’Rouke from myTalk 107.1 said. “But we focus on this one during this time frame because with the free and reduced-price lunches going away for students [on summer break from school], there’s a huge need for donations. The timing is important.”

Brook said Food for Families is meaningful to her because she’s a mom herself. “I have young kids,” Brook said. “I couldn’t imagine being a parent and deciding on if I can afford my mortgage or feed my kids, or have them go without a meal because I can’t afford it.”

Food for Families will include ten live broadcasts, raising food and fund donations and spreading awareness. “It’s not just the donation part,” Brooke said. “It’s the awareness, informing our listeners.” She added that in her experience, most of the people she’s talked to don’t believe hunger exists in their neighborhoods, “but it’s everywhere.”

Brook and the rest of the team at myTalk 107.1 feel like this will be a really good year for Food for Families. Something they are doing differently in their seventh year of organizing this drive is focusing more attention on raising funds vs. pounds of food. In the past, pounds of food took priority, but Brook was surprised to find out it’s the financial donations that bring more bang for your buck. “A dollar can be spread so far,” Brook said. In fact, because of Second Harvest Heartland’s hunger-relief network and direct relationships with growers, manufacturers and local retailers, a single dollar can help provide three meals.

But every donation counts when it comes to hungry children. “I can’t imagine my kids being hungry,” Brook said. “It’s something we take for granted. I can’t even imagine having to choose—how far can I make this food go?”

Get involved with your company or organization this summer! Coordinate a Food & Fund Drive yourself, and check out myTalk 107.1’s Food for Families drive this June.


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