Map the Meal Gap 2016

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May 5, 2016 By: Meghan Meints Category: Statistical Item or Report

Many of our neighbors deal with daily hunger, one in 10 Minnesotans to be exact. But for some, the stigmas and guilt surrounding assistance services and programs prevent them from accessing the help they need.

Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap allows all of us – friends, family and neighbors – to see where in our communities people deal with daily hunger.

We encourage you to learn more about hunger in your community by viewing the interactive Map the Meal Gap.

You can also help shine light on the issue of hunger by sharing this interactive map with your networks. The more people who see that hunger is an issue in their very own backyard, the more help Second Harvest Heartland can give to the children, families and seniors who face hunger.

Thank you for being committed to raising awareness of the issue of hunger. 


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