Local Gardeners Fighting Hunger through AmpleHarvest.org

July 2, 2013 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

Second Harvest Heartland is always looking to find new sources of fresh fruits and vegetables for our neighbors in need. Programs like Food Rescue and Harvest to Home are a significant source of fresh foods, but individual gardeners can also have a huge impact on a local level.

With the help of AmpleHarvest.org, a free nationwide program created by Gary Oppenheimer in 2009 that enables more than 40 million American home gardeners to easily donate excess garden produce to local food pantries, those relationships are growing stronger than ever. More than 6,000 food pantries across all 50 states have already registered with more signing up every day. More than 20 million pounds of freshly harvested produce was donated by local growers to their nearby food pantries all across America in 2011.

In the Twin Cities metro area alone, more than 30 food pantries are registered to accept produce through AmpleHarvest.org. If you’re a gardener with extra produce to share, you can find the nearest participating food pantry here. If you’re a food pantry and would like to register with AmpleHarvest.org, click here.

It’s never been easier for gardeners to make a significant impact on hunger in our communities, so please consider helping your local food pantry this summer!


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