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June 1, 2017 By: Jens Pinther Category: SHH News

What would you do if your school mate told you he was hungry?

It was years before Ben*, 17, told Aidan about his struggle with hunger. “I’ve known him pretty much all my life,” Aidan said. “He was always scared to say anything, “but he opened up to me and explained everything about the issue at home.”

That’s why Aidan volunteers with Second Harvest Heartland at least once a week, baseball season and homework permitting. As he packs and sorts food, Aidan has one image in his mind — Ben, a friend he’s known since elementary school.

Aidan and his family kept Ben fed until he moved away about a year ago. “It’s the right thing to do,” Aidan said. “He’s an absolutely awesome kid and I miss him a ton. When you know someone [who’s hungry], you realize how easy and often it is that people go hungry.”

Aidan was surprised to learn about the widespread issue of hunger in his own community — even in his comfortable suburb. “There are kids who need food assistance. I know about 20 people who are on plans to get a meal because they may not have that meal at home.”

Thankfully, Ben’s family’s financial situation is much better, but Aidan continues to be motivated by the hunger of his peers. “Kids are growing,” he said. “And [a child] deserves to be fed like everyone else.”

Without the tremendous support of volunteers our work would not be possible. Join volunteers, like Aidan and help get food to our hungry neighbors

*representative name used to protect identity


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