Hungry Children and Seniors Motivate Diane to Volunteer

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April 17, 2017 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

For Volunteer Appreciation Month, we are celebrating four of our dedicated volunteers who’ve spent a few years with us. We are proud to say last year we had more repeat volunteers than any other year prior—a total of almost 5,100. That number speaks to the dedication so many people have to ending hunger, and it’s a pleasure to work with these selfless volunteers.

One of those loyal volunteers is Diane.  A main motivator for her donated time is the number of children and seniors who are hungry. Our older neighbors represent the fastest-growing population in need of food support, and children represent 33 percent of our clients. These stories are very moving to Diane.

“It’s honestly one of the things that affected me most when I started working with Second Harvest Heartland—how many seniors and how many children need this type of support,” Diane said.

“I have been incredibly fortunate throughout my life,” Diane said. “What makes me passionate about volunteering at Second Harvest Heartland is that this is a problem that is completely solvable—there’s enough food for everyone. Nobody HAS to be hungry if we can just get the food into the right place, at the right hands.”

Whatever motivates our volunteers, whether it is the growing number of seniors in need, the fact that so many of our clients are children or any other priority we have, we could not do our work without them. We appreciate people like Diane, who’s given her time to hunger relief with us for four years. Thank you so much to Diane and others like her who’ve helped Second Harvest Heartland create a sustainable food support system. You rock!


For Volunteer Appreciation Month, we are featuring a different volunteer every week in April. Although we will only share four stories this month, every single one of the volunteers who together gave 132,000 hours last year have made our work possible. You can learn more about volunteer impact here.


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