Hunger in Your Community: Pam’s Story

February 20, 2013 By: Sara Blair Category: WordPress Import

We all know what hunger means. But who are the hungry? Who are the people that your support helps? Read our monthly series, “Hunger in Your Community,” and learn more about someone whose story is more and more common among the people we serve.

One in 10 of our neighbors doesn’t have enough food, and every day you probably encounter them. They work at the stores you shop in. They are kids who go to the same school as your children. And they’re people like Pam, a mother with two teenage daughters who once lived something close to the American dream.

Today, many of the people we serve once had good jobs, houses, savings and retirement accounts. And like Pam, they never imagined that they’d need help feeding their families. “I made really good money,” she recalls. “But I was also working on commission. When the economy got bad, sales went down and my income disappeared. At the same time, my marriage was falling apart.”

Suddenly, Pam found herself supporting her daughters as a single parent, working a $14-an hour job that covered her rent and insurance that helped pay for the ongoing medical care that she and her daughters needed, but nothing else.
“It felt like I had fallen off a cliff. And I just kept falling and falling and falling.”

As expenses mounted, Pam spent the last of her savings and maxed out her credit cards trying to keep up. Eventually she found herself staring at an empty refrigerator and empty cabinets, with no idea of where to turn. That’s when she called Second Harvest Heartland for help.

Unfortunately, Pam isn’t alone. Every day, thousands of working mothers and fathers wake up and get their kids off to school, not knowing whether or not they’ll have anything to feed them when they come home again. And her story illustrates how quickly job loss, medical problems or a family crisis can turn people’s lives upside down.

Chances are, you know someone like Pam — a neighbor, a friend, even a family member who’s fallen on hard times and needs a little help. Not forever, but for right now. The contribution you make today helps her and thousands of people like her make it through a crisis they did nothing to deserve.

Give today to make sure that Pam and families like hers have enough to eat.


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