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August 14, 2018 By: Category: Hunger Stories

Glynis, 63, volunteers two afternoons each week at the Keystone Community Services food shelf in Roseville.

“I was born in St. Paul, and moved to Minneapolis when I was one, and I’ve lived there ever since. I just retired from the St. Paul Public Schools two years ago—I was a gifted elementary specialist. I started volunteering about a year after I retired. Now I volunteer as a tutor at the school where I used to work and here at the food shelf.”

“I always had support from my family when I needed help. My husband and I had four kids within five years. We struggled sometimes. My parents would help us out, so we never starved. But I’ve seen many kids at school where their breakfast and lunch at school were their only meals of the day, and the weekends were tough. So, I knew there was a huge need. There are so many hungry people in MN, especially children.”

“It’s very diverse, the people who come in to the food shelf. Different colors, ages, moms with kids, people with mental illness, people who are just struggling, being retired, on social security or disability. It’s everyday people and they need help and I’m willing to give it without being patronizing because I’ve been there. It’s people who would fall through the cracks otherwise. It’s not a hand out, it’s a lifeline.”


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