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July 24, 2018 By: Category: Hunger Stories

Anthony visits a local food shelf once a month to help make ends meet for his family. 

“I grew up in a small town in Illinois. For years I worked on the railroad—wherever they needed help, that’s where I went. I got hurt out West and had to have a back surgery that made me lose my job in 1990. I had two grown daughters and grandkids in Minnesota, so I moved up here.”

“I worked for a while at a Holiday gas station in Oakdale, and went through a temp service in Minneapolis to get work cleaning up the Metrodome after football games. Then my fiancée, Dorothy, and I moved out to Glencoe. I got a job doing some construction—doing driveways and siding. I wasn’t supposed to be working because of my back, but I figured I’d just work through the pain because I needed the money.”

“Now I might need another surgery on my back—but first they want to try this shock treatment. I hope that works because another surgery would be pretty bad, with my high blood pressure.”

“I get a little social security and about $15 a month in food stamps, which doesn’t go very far. Dorothy works at a rubber and plastics plant out here, but her diabetes meds cost $1,100 a month, and then she has to buy gas for her commute to work, which is 30 minutes each way. Without the McLeod County Emergency Food Shelf, it would be pretty rough.“

“They’re pretty friendly at the food shelf. You can only go once a month. For a household of two people, you can get three cans of corns or beans, some turkey and hot dogs, and lots of vegetables. During the summer they have these big boneless catfish nuggets and they’re the best.”


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