Holiday Food Drive is About More than Food

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November 28, 2016 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

“Cleaning houses for a living can be thankless, the food drive gives our employees a sense of belonging and connection to the community,” Jesse said.

Jesse and his wife Marion started Happy Earth Cleaning in 2010. He describes hunger as a relatable problem.

“I grew up in Seattle where homelessness and hunger are real problems and there have been points in my life where I’ve needed to use a food shelf. Most of our employees have also been at that point.”

Happy Earth Cleaning is a company that has community service at its core. During the holidays, their guiding principal of creating positive and sustainable growth in communities they serve is at the forefront. Their food drive, now in its fifth year, helped rally their employees around a cause that they can all relate to.

For Happy Earth Cleaning their annual Food & Fund Drive is about so much more than collecting food. Being a gift for the holidays, supporting the community they live and work in, providing opportunities for their employees to grow and creating connections between their clients and a cause are just a few of the things that their drive allows them to do.

When we asked Jesse what he would tell others that are thinking of starting a drive for Second Harvest Heartland he responded simply, “it’s easy and rewarding, too.” His favorite part is receiving the letter at the end of the drive that shares the impact. “It’s the most relatable piece and at the end to know how many meals we’ve provided and the impact that we’ve made, especially during the holidays is impactful.”

As a small business, Jesse also uses the annual drive as an opportunity to support the development of employees by giving them additional responsibility and leadership opportunities. One employee is in charge of all planning but they collaborate with each other to make it happen. They provide incentives to get their customers to participate and have enjoyed creating new supporter of Second Harvest Heartland that might not have existed without their introduction.

The Happy Earth Cleaning drive has set a goal of collecting 6,000 pounds of food this year and they are well on their way.

We rely on partners like Happy Earth Cleaning to continue to help our neighbors thrive. Although hunger can affect any of us at any time of year, rarely is it felt more sharply than during the holiday season.

By hosting a Holiday Food & Fund Drive, you have an opportunity to help provide hope and security. No matter how small or large your goal, no matter if you decide to collect donations in person or with our easy online drive, your Food & Fund drive efforts will make a difference for families right in our community.


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