Hidden Hungry in Rural Communities

August 22, 2014 By: Marie Pauley Category: WordPress Import

Often when one thinks about hunger, it is easy to consider it an urban issue.  However, rural Minnesota families miss 40 million meals each year.

During the FarmFest event held August 5 – 7 in Morgan, Minn., our employees and volunteers were grateful to hear stories about those receiving support and many heartfelt thanks for spreading the word about how farmers can get involved in ending hunger in their communities—because even if hidden, it does exist.

One of these stories was from Tom, a disabled farmer from southern Minnesota.  Tom was in an accident a few years ago and sustained injuries that have prevented him to return to work.
“I never thought I’d be in a situation where I needed help, but I am thankful the food shelf was there,” said Tom. “It amazes me that my neighbors don’t think there is a problem in our community, but I saw more people at the food shelf the first time I visited than I ever thought would be there.”

Although Tom is not in a position to give right now, like us, he believes that farmers across Minnesota are part of the solution to the hunger problem in our state.  He is excited to share the opportunity for his friends and neighbors to get involved in supporting Harvest to End Hunger Minnesota.

To learn more about opportunities for farmers of both edible and non-edible crops to give, visit HarvestToEndHungerMN.org or call 877.547.0245.


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