Henry and Dylan's Neighborhood Food Drive

October 20, 2010 By: Lindsi Category: WordPress Import

Every year, hundreds of groups hold Food & Fund Drives for Second Harvest Heartland. They range in size from company-wide participation at large local corporations, to simple collection boxes near a light rail station or in a church lobby. But there's one thing they all have in common: they're always inspiring displays of the support and generosity of our community...and the incredible people in it.

Today, this heartwarming video came across my desk. Henry and Dylan, two young local boys, just got done distributing 175 bags on doorsteps around their neighborhood for their third annual Food & Fund Drive. This year, they have a goal of collecting 500 pounds of food from their neighbors in Oak Glen. They've also created an online donation page to help boost their efforts! (You can make a gift to their drive here.)

Check out their YouTube video below. And feel free to share a comment with them, either on this blog post or on their YouTube video, to let them know how important their hard work is to our hungry neighbors. Great job, Henry and Dylan!


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