Healthy Food for Nancy's Grandson, and an Easy Way to Help

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March 22, 2018 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

It’s busy. The front doors of Kaposia Education Center Elementary School in South St. Paul are opening and closing with the rushes of kids catching the bus and meeting with their parents to go home for the day.

Nancy wades through the lobby looking for Maxx, her grandson. He should be coming out any second now.

Often Nancy waits for Maxx outside the building, but once a month, Kaposia coordinates a Food + You distribution started by Second Harvest Heartland that offers free foods for Kaposia families. On these days, Nancy goes inside and chooses healthy food items (including fresh produce!) to bring home to Maxx’s house for his parents to prepare. They work full time, but they struggle to make ends meet and afford the best, most nutritious foods for their son.

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Food + You is a Second Harvest Heartland program that brings more food resources to schools through direct food distributions, supporting expanding school use of Federal Nutrition Programs, SNAP outreach and building sustainable hunger solutions through the community around each school.

After each monthly distribution, you can see Nancy hauling a pretty big box of much-needed food to her car with Maxx by her side.

“Going to Food + You distributions means my grandson gets a healthier meal,” Nancy said. “Putting food on the table can be extremely hard.”

Nancy grew up on a farm. Her food was homegrown, and her 2.5-acre garden provided healthy meals. “You never knew how lucky you were,” Nancy reminisced. “SPAM was a treat!”

Although the Recession is a thing of the past for many people, it affects countless families even 10 years later. “Today’s economy sucks,” Nancy put it bluntly. “I’m a senior citizen and it’s hard. You make just enough for a roof over your head.”

Food + You has become a reliable staple for many families who have kids in schools with the program. Kaposia Center Elementary School is one of a triad of South St. Paul schools involved with Second Harvest Heartland’s Food + You program—they are a part of the first full school district to pilot this important food resources for kids who sometimes go home to an empty fridge.


Local kids like Maxx and so many others just like him rely on programs like Food + You, and it’s up to all of us to end hunger for these kids and their families. Right now we have a $1-to-$1 match thanks to a group of generous donors. Every dollar you give helps provide six meals! Donate today and take advantage of the match—the opportunity will go until March 31.


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Submitted by Mrs. Roering at: March 22, 2018
The food distribution is a great community builder at Kaposia! Very happy to be a part of it!

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