Giving Back – Because it’s What You Do

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July 7, 2016 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

Throughout the past year, seven-year-old Victoria has been secretly saving loose change and bills to fill a bread loaf container found at her great grandmother’s home. Victoria did so with the intention of filling it to feed the hungry.

31 Food Drive_VictoriaOnce full, Victoria approached her mother and said,

“You have to bring it to the hungry people.”

So Stacy, her mother, did just that and brought her donation to Second Harvest Heartland.

In total, Victoria was able to save $31.27. For a seven year old, $31.27 can go a long way, but also takes a long time to save. At Second Harvest Heartland, that same $31.27 can help provide more than 90 meals in our community.

It’s hard for a child who has always had a meal on their table to understand what it’s like to be hungry, so we asked what motivated Victoria to give.

“We heard the statistic one in 10 people don’t have enough to eat. We talked about that at home and told Victoria to count 10 people in her classroom and imagine that one of those people doesn’t have food,” said Stacy, “I think that really stuck with her.”

What Victoria taught us this month is that you don’t have to experience hunger to understand the importance of giving back.

When her mother, Stacy asked Victoria why she wanted to help and why others should her response was simple,

“because it’s what you do.”

On Victoria’s behalf, Stacy setup a virtual Food & Fund Drive to ask people to match her daughter’s generous gift.

We are incredibly grateful for Victoria’s giving spirit and encourage you to visit her Food & Fund Drive page and match her donation or start your own drive today.


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Victoria, We are proud of you what you have accomplished. We will match your donation.

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