Two Sisters Stand Out to Donor for Their Selflessness

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June 8, 2017 By: Jens Pinther Category: SHH News

The first time Second Harvest Heartland donor Cheryl Olseth helped serve hungry families at a produce distribution, she walked away remembering a couple faces in particular.

Two sisters, ages 7 and 9 by Cheryl’s estimation, grabbed all the fruit and vegetables they could hold. “They were so excited to get all this fresh produce,” Cheryl said. “They couldn’t believe they could take all the food they did.” The sisters carried the fresh food home, arms full. Several minutes later, the children returned with a few of the larger produce items.

“They said not all the food would fit in their refrigerator and they didn’t want to waste food in case someone else needed it more,” Cheryl said.

The idea of putting others before themselves and of not wasting food resonated with Cheryl.

“Nobody should go hungry in this world. Our country could feed the whole world with all the food we throw away — it’s appalling really,” Cheryl said. “If some of this could be redirected, it would be so much better.”

Cheryl and the Olseth Family Foundation’s generous support year after year helps provide meals, including fresh produce, to children through our Child Hunger Initiative

Many kids and their families are not accessing available meals. Join donors like the Olseth Family Foundation and help connect local kids to the food they need to thrive.


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