From Two Sources of Income, to Zero

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June 16, 2017 By: JT Pinther Category: SHH News

Sometimes, we are dealt cards we didn’t ask for.

That’s how it’s been with 38-year-old Jennifer. Her story has been really challenging for the past few years, but especially lately. “Since December, my life has been a mess,” Jennifer said.

It started when Jennifer was diagnosed with cancer earlier last year and was unable to work. She and her boyfriend found themselves struggling to make ends meet, unexpectedly going from two sources of income to one. Aside from feeling the pains of financial stress, Jennifer said her boyfriend “was worried he was going to lose his soulmate.” Because of the strain on his mental health, her boyfriend lost his job shortly after.

When Jennifer reached out to us, she was looking for resources for finding food shelves near her home. “It’s a struggle to keep food in my house. What am I supposed to do?” Jennifer said. “I can’t afford to go to the grocery stores for the food I want or need. Food shelves have been helpful. I’m grateful for the food shelves.”

After months of unpredictable life circumstances, things are finally starting to look up for Jennifer. “The good days outweigh the bad days,” Jennifer said. “There’s people who are in worse situations than I am. I have to be grateful for where I am right now.”

The day we talked to Jennifer, she had just accepted a new job. She said her life feels like it’s starting to move forward again.

Living a story like Jennifer’s requires resilience we can only feel in times of great stress. She said she surprisingly didn’t feel positive about her life until it started to get hard. “I don’t know what it is that has helped kept me going as I have,” Jennifer said. “The whole plan we had was gone in a snap of a finger. It was a wake-up call to just life in general, to realize how quickly something so good can go so quickly.”

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