Food Waste is a Billion-Pound Problem

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October 26, 2017 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

We’ve all experienced it — that moment when you open the fridge to find a carton of milk you didn’t drink fast enough. Or, while you’re mulling over stacks of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, you skip the over- ripe tomato and oddly shaped pepper.

These actions alone don’t seem like much, but imagine each person across the country doing the same thing. The cumulative effect is contributing to a billion-pound problem of food waste. Today in the U.S., each person wastes roughly 400 pounds of food each year. The majority of this food is disposed of in landfills where it also becomes harmful to the environment.

At Second Harvest Heartland, our primary goal is to ensure that our hungry neighbors have access to food. With millions of pounds of healthy food available for donation at retail grocers, local farms, food manufacturers and other places, there’s opportunity to reduce waste, help sustain the environment, and connect our hungry neighbors with more balanced nutrition. Instead of that carton of milk going bad or the imperfect vegetable going in the grocery store dumpster, Second Harvest Heartland is getting this healthy food onto the tables of hungry families through innovative programs and partnerships.

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