Finding Food Resources in a New Community

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August 19, 2016 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

When Htee moved to Minnesota just one month ago from a refugee camp in Burma she came here not knowing where she would live or work, let alone find food. Htee is a mother and grandmother whose family is still living in a refugee camp in Burma. There is a large community in St. Paul of old friends and neighbors from Burma that welcomed her with open arms and a place to live, however finding food was still a challenge.

We met Htee at a produce distribution in St. Paul. Since moving to Minnesota, she has found it difficult to afford food at the grocery store – especially produce. At first she was able to round out her diet by supplementing some of the more expensive food items with items from the local food shelf. Shortly after her first visit, that food shelf closed.

In place of the food shelf, Htee was tremendously happy to find the produce distribution at an elementary school in her neighborhood because the fresh foods she gets at the distribution are more familiar to her and help support her health overall.

Htee Story Produce

When we asked Htee if she would be returning to the produce distribution again she replied with a big smile and the question, “when is the next one?”


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