Fighting Hunger with Planned Giving

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August 29, 2019 By: Tina Mortimer & Abigail Reeth Category: Partner News

Time has flown since Cecilia and David Simpson began supporting Second Harvest Heartland in 1996, and this couple from Saint Paul, MN intends to continue fighting hunger in the future, in fact, for generations to come.

Recently, the Simpson’s decided to include Second Harvest Heartland in their estate plans. “We would like to give back to the local community, the environment and to certain international causes,” Cecilia explained. “We realize how efficient and forward-thinking Second Harvest Heartland is when it comes to food distribution.”

Becoming planned giving donors is one of many ways the Simpsons have supported Second Harvest Heartland over the years. The couple has also contributed to Second Harvest Heartland’s capital campaign and annual fund, and Cecilia has volunteered to maintain databases and pack produce. “Packing onions was a lot of fun,” Simpson recalled. “There’s a sense of camaraderie, and the time goes fast when you’re packing food.”

Legacy of Generosity

By volunteering and donating to Second Harvest Heartland, Simpson is reminded of her childhood and honoring the memory of her family. “My parents were generous and socially minded. Their actions instilled certain values in me,” she explained. “My mother was an excellent cook who could really stretch a dollar. There were eight children in our family, and we ate very well. My mom also volunteered at an organization where she helped young mothers learn to cook using basic ingredients as opposed to buying more expensive packaged meals.”

Following her parents’ example, Cecilia and her husband have committed to helping the 1 in 11 Minnesotans who struggle with hunger. “We contribute to Second Harvest Heartland because it’s a well-run organization, and there’s an obvious need,” Simpson said. “I believe there’s a misconception that if you just work hard enough, or apply yourself more, that you’ll be able to provide for your family. Wages have not kept up with housing and other expenses. If you have the bad luck of losing a job, having a rent increase or your child breaks an arm on the playground, you could become food insecure. It is that easy.”

To strengthen Second Harvest Heartland’s fight against hunger, the Simpsons became planned giving donors. “We respect Second Harvest Heartland’s efficiency, innovation and their recognition that the type of food (fresh produce versus processed) distributed is important,” said Simpson. “I’m grateful Second Harvest Heartland is taking steps to provide healthier foods.”

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