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December 10, 2015 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

Second Harvest Heartland counts on the partnership from organizations of all sizes and from all industries to achieve our mission. We are grateful for the recent support of Accelare and their expertise in advancing our Hunger and Health Initiative.

Accelare, works with businesses to lead them through a Strategy to Execution (S2E) process to help advance strategy, operational innovation and executions through collaboration.  For ten weeks, Accelare donated their time and resources to apply the S2E process to Second Harvest Heartland’s Hunger and Health Initiative. This groundbreaking project is designed to increase food access for low-income health care consumers as a means to simultaneously reduce hunger and improve health outcomes.

“We find Second Harvest Heartland’s mission so compelling and its people so dedicated - we feel it enriches our culture and bonds our people together to serve such a worthy cause and work side-by-side with such a devoted management team as those at Second Harvest Heartland.  We encourage organizations of all sizes to get involved – working with Second Harvest Heartland is good nutrition for your company’s soul.” - Jack Calhoun, Co-Founder, Accelare

The Accelare team – with participation from Microsoft – dedicated hundreds of hours of time, along with expert guidance and resources.  This pro bono work allows us to forge new and pioneering partnerships within the healthcare industry and to launch innovative pilots that will help us to begin to close the gaps between hunger and health by reaching neighbors in need. 

Thank you , Accelare, for the generous support of Second Harvest Heartland.


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