Favorite Staff Moments of 2016

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January 2, 2017 By: Marie Pauley Category: SHH News

As a new year begins, many of us take time to reflect on the past year while planning for the year ahead. Our staff shared some of their favorite moments from 2016 and we’d like to share them with you!

“Deschutes Street Pub! This event was a ton of work, but it was great to see how many staff members volunteered at the event to make it a huge success. I enjoyed working with our events team and got to see more of the planning logistics than I do on other events. And then to see that Twin Cities raised the most money was also really cool!”  - Jess Swanson, Volunteer Coordinator

“My favorite moments have been when I am able to give or participate in a tour of the Distribution Center with donors. They are amazed at the work and the magnitude of what Second Harvest Heartland and its employees do. Many have no idea the good work that goes on behind our closed doors. It’s very gratifying and heartwarming to hear ‘Keep up the great work!’ and ‘You’re a great organization’ to name a few of the responses we’ve heard this year.”  – Marsha Shotley, Chief Philanthropy Officer

“One of the fulfilling things for me in 2016 is meeting my new senior CSFP homebound client. Her name is Jurline and I really enjoy her. She is a very self-reliant woman who owned a small business in her younger years. Due to several health crises, she is no longer able to work. She is a wise woman and I really appreciate the opportunity of seeing her every month. Another thing I love is going into the CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program) drive thru and seeing the amazing, beautiful, fresh produce we are able to offer seniors. The variety and quality are both exceptional. It’s really fulfilling to see how all the meetings and work behind our desks results in something so tangible for clients.”  – Jessica Hultgren, Director of Volunteer Services  

“I loved participating at a fresh produce distribution at NorthPoint in May. Not only was it a joy to meet lovely, appreciative people, it was great to see pallets of beautiful asparagus, melons and tomatoes not going to waste!”   - Tara McAdams, Communications Contractor

“I had an opportunity to help a lady unload a cargo load of bakery goods that she collected from her local baker. She had so much that she had to rent a cargo vehicle just to get the job done. Upon opening the back of the door, it was apparent that she had spent all morning collecting and stacking each box from floor to ceiling. She was so enthusiastic and wanted to help unload though it was apparent her exhaustion was starting to settle in. I quickly asked her to standby and take a breather while I grab a few team members to help unload. We ended up with three full pallets and one very grateful donor. It’s the smile and the ‘thank you’ that made my day.”  - Leng Vang, Operations Manager – West      

Thank you to everyone that helped make 2016 such an impactful and memorable year.

You can get involved with us today and create your own memorable moments while helping your hungry neighbors.


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