Family Dedicated to Ending Hunger Appreciates Flexibility of Online Giving

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June 28, 2019 By: Abigail Reeth Category: SHH News

It may be summer, but Kirstyn Fulton is still recovering from winter.

Last December, Fulton planned to spread some holiday cheer by mailing Christmas cards from her home in Maplewood. As she ventured across her driveway to her mailbox, Fulton slipped. She experienced severe pain as well as tingling and numbness in her right arm. She didn’t know it then, but two herniated discs in her neck were pressing on her spinal cord. As a physical therapist and the mother of two young children, Fulton didn’t have much time in her schedule for injury, but the slip on her icy driveway left her without a choice—she needed surgery. She also needed nearly four months off from work to recover her health.

To help pay the medical bills, Fulton and her husband, David, temporarily paused their monthly contributions to Second Harvest Heartland. “I was able to place my monthly donation on hold easily online,” Fulton noted, “and was even able to extend the hold when we weren't quite able to return to our donations.”

Becoming Monthly Donors

The Fultons began giving to Second Harvest Heartland in 2012. At first, they contributed intermittently while donating to a different charity each month. As this method of giving became difficult to manage, the Fultons decided to focus their contributions on one specific organization. “It was a very easy decision to pick Second Harvest Heartland,” Fulton explained. “We became monthly donors when we wanted to be a little more consistent with our donations. We feel like we are really able to make a difference.”

Fulton was thrilled that she was able to set up monthly donations right over the phone. “Someone called me to thank me for my previous donations and give me an update on programming.”

Second Harvest Heartland’s mission of collecting and delivering surplus food is important to the Fultons. Although they have never personally experienced hunger, Kirstyn and her family understand that life and health can change suddenly. “No one should have to decide between food and shelter or food and warmth,” Fulton said. “Many people are just one paycheck or accident or unexpected illness away from being in need.”

Facing the unanticipated challenges of life, Fulton and her family choose to support Second Harvest Heartland. They are confident that their contributions are helping to improve food access for thousands of individuals. “We like that such a high percentage of donations goes directly towards the mission,” Fulton explained. “We like that [Second Harvest Heartland’s] goal is to end hunger with the emphasis on the fact that no one should be left hungry.”

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