Ending Hunger One Step at a Time

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October 12, 2018 By: Tina Mortimer

Carole Wiese can name about half-a-dozen walks she’d like to participate in to raise money for causes near and dear to her heart, but she and her husband decided a long time ago they would only ask their friends and family to donate to one cause a year. This being the case, the cause had to be far-reaching and it had to be impactful.

“Food is a basic need,” she said. “You need food to grow. If you’re sick, you need proper nutrition to get better. So, it’s possible that by getting food to people who need it, we might also be helping to prevent disease or ease the suffering of someone who is sick.”

It is her belief in the healing power of food that led Carole to start participating in the Walk to End Hunger, a Thanksgiving Day fundraiser, nearly 18 years ago. Carole’s interest in working to end hunger started when she volunteered with her co-workers at the State of Minnesota to provide meals at Catholic Charities.

Carole said she always considered the walk at the Mall of America to be a fun way to give back while getting in some exercise before a big turkey dinner. Then, in 2006, Carole and her husband, Greg, were both laid-off at nearly the same time.

“I had just gotten a temporary job at a fraction of the wage I had been making before I was laid-off, when, the second day at my new job, I get a call from Greg saying that he had just been laid off,” she said. “I wasn’t sure we were going to make it, but then Greg got a job at Fleet Farm a few months later. I remember thinking that we were so fortunate and blessed. We could easily have been checking out the neighborhood food shelf if he hadn't gotten the job when he did.”

Carole said it was this experience that made her even more dedicated to raising money for hunger relief through the Walk to End Hunger. In 2009, Greg decided to join her, and they’ve been walking together every Thanksgiving morning since. Carole said if she had one wish it would be to take away the stigma of needing help.

“Doing the walk on Thanksgiving Day gives us the chance to stop and take a moment to do something for others and appreciate all the ways that we have been blessed,” she said.

Join us!

Are you looking for a way to make a difference this Thanksgiving? Join Carole and Greg at the Walk to End Hunger and raise funds for Second Harvest Heartland to help your hungry neighbors this upcoming holiday season. The walk features: arts and crafts, live music, kids dancing, balloon animals, face painting, Santa Claus, a photo booth, fun competitions and more.

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