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March 30, 2016 By: Meghan Meints Category: SHH News

Second Harvest Heartland partnered with WCCO for the annual Let’s Kick Hunger Day Radiothon this last January, working to share the stories of those in need.

One of the stories shared this year was Deane’s. Deane and her husband visited a food shelf for the first time after her husband had a near-death experience due to a blood disease. The couple’s medical bills got so out of hand that they had to spend their life savings.

“You ought to be able to afford food, enough to eat. You ought to be able to afford that and pay your bills, too. And in our situation, we’re not,” Deane said. “Now I realize a lot of people are that way, but we have never been that way.”

At first, Deane was worried about being seen at a food shelf, especially by neighbors, but soon realized: “if they’re there and we’re there, we’re in the same boat!”

Their experience at the local food shelf was a good one; the staff was helpful, the process was easy and there are a lot of healthy food options.

Deane said that she and her husband never get pre-packaged foods during their visits to the food shelf, but always fresh produce. Her favorite part about visiting their local food shelf has turned out to be seeing other people.

 “They’re just thankful; they go back to their cars with their big box of stuff with smiles on their faces,” she said. “Once they go, to see that they’re average, nice people that go there that have an income, but just not enough, and they don’t have to feel bad about it.”

Deane is especially thankful for the people who are able to donate their resources to helping others.

“I can’t get over somebody just giving that without getting anything back. I think they’re just wonderful and many, many, many people are being helped,” she said. “It’s your next door neighbors that are there, it’s your mom and dad, it’s everybody. It’s your child; nice people just having a hard time.”

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