Coborn’s, Inc. Helping Close the Meal Gap in Minnesota

March 1, 2013 By: Sarah Krentz Category: WordPress Import

Over the last year, Coborn’s, Inc. (including Coborn’s & Cash Wise stores) has played an integral role in helping Second Harvest Heartland close the meal gap in Minnesota. Since Coborn’s joined the Food Rescue Program in December 2011, they have successfully helped expand our reach to support rural communities with fresh and nutritious food streams.

Traditionally, food shelves located in greater Minnesota have faced challenges finding sustainable sources of nutritious, fresh food to meet the needs of their communities. Through their stores, Coborn’s has donated fresh produce, meat, dairy and grocery items to food shelves in their local communities. Through these efforts, Coborn’s has provided nearly 1.4 million fresh and nutritious meals to 32 of Second Harvest Heartland’s partner agencies across the state!

The success of this initiative is a direct result of the commitment shown from leaders within the company, and the compassion that the store associates share with their community. Because of this, Coborn’s was recently the recipient of Second Harvest Heartland Food Rescue Program’s One Million Meals Award, an award Food Rescue donors receive when they reach 1 million meals donated.

We thank Coborn’s for their commitment to our mission. By helping Second Harvest Heartland expand the Food Rescue Program, we are strengthening community partnerships and supporting more of our rural neighbors in need!


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