Childhood Experiences with Hunger Inspires Monthly Gift

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October 29, 2018 By: Tina Mortimer Category: Hunger Stories

Although Heidi and Nathan Anderson grew up in two different states—he in Minnesota and she in Wisconsin—they had similar upbringings. Both came from close-knit, hard-working families of six. Both had parents who had to work two jobs at a time to make ends meet. And both struggled from time to time with hunger. It was an upbringing that made them grow into adults who knew to appreciate what they had. 

Gratitude was one of the many shared values that made Nathan, an IT worker, and Heidi, an MRI technician, a perfect match on the dating website where they first met.

“We’ve always shared similar values,” Heidi said. “It’s kind of what brought us together. Nathan grew up in a family of six, and they needed help occasionally. My family was on food stamps growing up, and my brother still struggles today and needs to visit a food shelf for help. So, when Nathan began researching ways to give, Second Harvest Heartland seemed like the best choice.”

Heidi and Nathan began giving random monetary gifts in 2009, shortly after they were married. Yet they still felt a pull to do more. When Heidi’s then employer, Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) launched a monthly giving campaign, she and Nathan decided to join. Although she no longer works for HCMC, she continues to have a monthly gift deducted from her bank account.  

“Giving monthly was the best choice for us because it was regular and easy,” she said. “We just have a little taken out automatically each month. And because we don’t have to think about it or write a check or anything, we don’t even miss it.”

Heidi said it’s exciting to see where their money is going and how it’s helping feed more people in need in her community.

“We just toured your new facility in Brooklyn Park and we were so impressed,” she said. “You guys do so much more than we realized. The hydroponic farm was really cool, as was hearing about all the work you’re doing with food rescue. It makes us want to do more.”

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