Celebrate Differently This Holiday Season


November 14, 2019 By: Allison O'Toole Category: SHH News

Hunger hides during the holidays. The pace of season can lead us to keep our eyes locked on our own to do lists, while the abundance on display—from glittering shop windows to piled-high buffet tables, make it too easy to forget that hunger persists. Come January 1, I’ve sometimes realized that the season’s many demands and indulgences—the shop, travel, eat, repeat-cycle—can leave me blind to the real opportunity of the season; to sustain our most important connections and to build new ones.

This holiday season, I invite you to join me in celebrating differently by celebrating generously. Let’s all take the Plenty Pledge. It’s simple really. As long as you have enough and a little extra—in terms of time, meals, money or connections—you’ll work to share a bit around. My hunch is it will make the season richer for you and those around you to nourish others.    

Just add an item to your shopping list—something that’s special for your family this time of year-- and bring it to your local food shelf. Fill your gift list with people in your life who would appreciate a gift to feed the hungry, made in their name. And make sure that some of your conversations help spread the word that 1 in 11 people are hungry in our community and that 1 in 8 children will be wishing they were back in school over break, because they rely on meals served at school to be fed.

Our food shelf and meal program partners reported more visits to their organizations than ever before in 2018. Nearly three quarters of the people who ask for our help are working families who are struggling with underemployment and the rising costs of living. Hunger affects every zip code in Minnesota. Kids, seniors, working parents, veterans and students—our neighbors—are hungry right now. The good news is, we have enough food to go around—and we have you!

Let’s pledge to bring hunger out from the shadows and tackle it together. Happy holidays!


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