Join Owen and Gwen in the Fight to End Hunger


December 31, 2019 By: Tina Mortimer Category: Events

It may be hard to believe but 1 in 8 children in Minnesota is hungry—missing 31 million meals a year. More than half of those missing meals are from suburban areas.

Owen wasn’t aware a child hunger problem existed in his suburban community until he started volunteering with his mom at Second Harvest Heartland.

“I was really shocked by how many kids are hungry in Minnesota,” the 13-year-old admitted. “It’s not something that’s easy to see, so I never thought about it. I think kids are probably good at hiding that they’re hungry.”

Owen began volunteering on Bring Your Child to Serve Day—an event in which people from across the country come together on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to serve their neighbors and communities in honor of Dr. King. Second Harvest Heartland is honored to be a part of this proud tradition, hosting a day for kids to help kids in “Bring Your Child to Serve Day.”

“The first time I volunteered with my mom at Second Harvest Heartland was on Bring Your Child to Serve Day, and I packed food in boxes for seniors,” Owen said. “They played music while we worked. You could tell everyone was happy to be there.”  

Owen plans to continue volunteering and is looking forward to his first shift at Second Harvest Heartland’s new Brooklyn Park volunteer center.

"My sister, Gwen is still too young to volunteer, but I'm sure she'll want to when she's older," Owen explained. "It's really fun."   

Get Involved!

This year’s Bring Your Child to Serve Day will take place in our newly renovated Brooklyn Park volunteer center—the heart and soul of our scaled-up hunger-relief operation. While shifts for the 2020 Bring Your Child to Serve Day are currently full, at Second Harvest Heartland, almost any day can be a Bring Your Child to Serve day. We have plenty of volunteer shifts available throughout the year for families to come together and serve their community. We hope you can join us to volunteer for a shift soon!


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