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Food resource navigators are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm and speak English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali.

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Find the food you need today and feel confident in your plans for tomorrow. The Second Harvest Heartland Care Center is a free service that works closely with people to get the food help they need. The Care Center provides 1-on-1 help with SNAP, obtaining groceries and referrals for other basic needs services. Free, friendly, and confidential help is a call away.


For assistance in English, call or text us at 866-844-3663.

Para obtener ayuda en espanol, llámenos o envíenos un mensaje de texto al 866‑844‑3663.

Hadad rabto gargaar o luqada Somaliga ah, nagaso wac ama fariin noguso dir 866‑844‑3663.

Yog xav tau kev pab hauv lus hmoob, hu los sis sau ntawv tuaj rau peb ntawm tu xov tooj 866‑844‑3663.

The Care Center can help you with:

The Care Center is staffed with a knowledgeable team that makes navigating food resources—like food shelves and SNAP assistance—easier and less time consuming. Our food navigators are not directly affiliated with state and federal systems, but instead confidentially walk you through the process step-by-step.

Members of the Second Harvest Heartland SNAP Team helped connect Fabian and Luz to important resources.

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Our friendly Food Resource Navigators are ready to help you get the food you need. We're available 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday, and help is available in English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali.

Your Privacy is Important To Us

You may be asked to share personal details throughout the Care Center food assistance process. Second Harvest Heartland respects your privacy and is committed to keeping all information you share with the Care Center confidential. We do not sell any of your personal information to others and do not capture personal information without your permission. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We're available 8:00am-4:30pm Monday-Friday, and help is available in English, Spanish, Hmong and Somali.

We do not capture or share personal information without your permission. All information gathered is used solely to help neighbors apply and receive food assistance and is not sold or given to any parties not involved in the process.

SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program [link: https://www.2harvest.org/find-food/snap], is a monthly financial benefit that helps low-income households purchase food. SNAP is a federal program designed to make groceries more affordable for hungry families, while also helping local businesses. Participants receive a special debit card called an EBT card that’s loaded with funds, which can be used to purchase nutritious groceries at local stores, farmer’s markets, and even online.